17  Dec - Winter Break! Wahoo!

Yay! It’s finally break winter break! The solstice is a week away. Shannon will be here in a few days! I’ll get home made carmels and fudge in a week! I have a few dozen new ideas and projects to tackle! I might be doing research at the U! I’m stress free and happy for the first time in a long time. 4 months to be precise! My (geeky) goal is to build at least 4 robots this break! And to eat WAY too much fudge.

(I actually went through the papers on my desk last night and found that most of them were notes on various ideas and inventions. After catorgizing them I found that I had 19 since January and most of them months later still seem like good ideas. After reading half of Make 08 today I have atleast 5 more to work on, plus a number of projects I didn’t come up with but want to try anyways. Not enough time….)

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