Apr 12 2008  -   Updates

The FE is finally over. In case you somehow missed it, that’s the 8 hour engineering test I had to take in order to graduate, and later on become a P.E. Turns out that the studying for it was far worse then the test. Two 4 hour sessions today, 120 questions in the morning and 60 more in the afternoon. I hope I passed, I don’t want to have to go back.

The robot is nearly complete. It just needs software now to make it work well. I got the sensors soldered and wired up and tested the thing walking. It turns left ok, but on the right, it’s going to walk off the competition course. Speaking of which the competition is this coming Thursday, April 17th, 12-3pm, Saltaire Room in the Union at school. The races start at 1pm.

School is nearly over, other then the robot competition I have 1 lab left (until graduation no less), one presentation I need to start on solar concentrators (which I can do in my sleep now), 2 assignments and 4 finals. Not much at all, relative to what the rest of the semester has been like. 5 engineering classes and working wasn’t a bright combonation. Oh well, after April 30th, I’ll have 3 classes until I graduate, and I seem to already have an engineering job lined up, a year away. No too bad. Now if it could just be a solar/energy job in Santa Cruz/San Francisco with ….. Guess I shouldn’t get greedy.

Senior project will either be making a one wheel balancing rechargeable electric skateboard, or replacing the horrible Handyboard for the University of Utah. I’m sure then those MIT kids designed it, it was good, but computers have come a ways since then. Weird that I’ll be designing circuits for my ME senior project. Guess I really am going to finally graduate with that CS/EE/ME/ChemE degree I wanted when I first started college. Who knew?! Yeah, the ChemE part, I’m looking at adding some chemistry/eng classes in the fall. I’m a glutton for punishment it seems, plus taking 1 class will be a grand, 2 classes is only $1250, might as well.

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  Jul 01 2007  -   103

103 is the predicted temperature this week, pretty much all week long. I guess the plus side is that at 3% humidity I’ll die of dehydration before heat stroke. I can’t say I’m doing anything exciting for the fourth other then not working and not going to school. Ok so I guess I really don’t have anything to say right now, but I haven’t posted here for a long time and I’m bored out of my mind right now. So you go enjoy whatever it is you’re doing and if you’re not enjoying it email me at my.full.name@gmail.com. Don’t know my name? See above. I’m curious who all checks out my site here.

Oh yeah, and if you happen to know a smart, nice, cute, single geek girl have her email me, or better yet just have her knock on my door.

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